How to make better decisions in every aspects of our life!!

How to make better decisions in every aspects of our life!!

How to make better decisions in every aspects of our life!!

There are many situations in our life. we make many decisions.the decisions we have will important in small things. what we can decide can determine the kind of person  we become later. Making decisions at crucial stages can even affect your future. If you have ever done something only to regret it, you can learn how to make better decisions and we can learn how to make better decisions and introduce new prospect into your life. write out situation for which we must make a decision soon. put into words the entirely of our thoughts-- the good,the bad, the ugly.then,got down our choices and their potential outcomes.
Outline the issue. Before we can make a good decision, we need to clearly outline the issues. This will help us focus on the decision we are making and not be distracted by unrelated things. 

It may help if we write down a simple sentence or two that says “The decision I need to make is… 
ex:- what is our motivation?
Deal with your emotions.our emotions do have an impact on the decisions we make. This is not a bad thing. The key is to be able to identify and control our emotions. Good decision making is a combination of using our emotions and being rational.
 we should only include emotions that are directly related to the decision we are making like:-If we received some bad news right before you go to work (or) school, those emotions will influence some of the decisions that you make. If you are aware of this, we can take a second to calm ourself down and remind ourself that we need to focus on the task at hand.

Don’t overload on information. we may hear people talk about making informed decisions. While it is important to have information upon which to base our decision, too much information can be bad thing.

if we have thinking about our decision for a long time, take a break to clear our mind. we could go for walk (or) read a comic book (or) story and history books for 15 minutes.
Consider multiple options. Make a list of all your options, no matter how ridiculous we feel they are. our unconscious mind plays a major role in our decision making. Scientists have found that most of the decisions we make are based on our unconscious mind. 
our meditation should be focused on the present moment. If our mind begins to wander, then we can make easily decision on freely in our mind.
Remove yourself from the decision. It is difficult to make a decision when you are involved in the situation. Pretend that it is our friend’s decision, and they have come to you for advice. 
We often give different advice to our friends than we give ourselves. This will help you see your decision from multiple perspectives.Using an outside perspective will also help you keep your emotions in check.
Consider the risks and rewards. we should make a list of the positive things and negative things that may occur as a result of our decision. we should also think about who else may be affected by the decision we make. we should make decisions where good(or) bad things.

 perfect decisions is we should think about the best things and worst things that can happen as a result of our decision. we should also consider what will happen if you do not make a decision at all which is actually a decision is correct (Or) not in itself.

How to make better decisions in every aspects of our life!! see this video


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