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Some parents want their children to be first in their class and also to become a topper of a class.For making their wish real or true,you need to do very hard work to achieve your goal and to fulfill your parents wish,Isn't it?So as a solution for this I'm introducing the 12 scientific ways to study and learn easily.Let's know them briefly,in this article multiple subjects in each day:
 Normally we have 7 subjects.If we study only one subject in a day,then we would feel boring and lazy.Our brain would'nt able to gain the correct information in a right way and would'nt able to store the information for long time.

2.Do Revision of all subjects in a short time: 
 By mugging up the information may not be stored long time.If we study and learn few or little,then the information will store in our brain correctly and after studying or learning a little revise as more as you can.

 3.Gain Information and knowledge in different ways or methods:
 scientific research says that,If we gain knowledge by different methods or ways,we can able to remember for many times such as reading the text book,visualising the smart class,listening to recorded lecturers via earphones etc...and the things/knowledge/information which you know, teach others.share with others.see online videos related to your subject.

 4.Don't do multi task works:
 scientific research says that,If we do multi-tasks at a time,it will  decrease our productivity, concentration, focus towards our studies and those who do multi-tasks at a time,they will be at average level only.for example;studying by watching TV and studying by chatting in your phone etc...These are the wrong things which you should not,beware of that.

5.Simplify and summarize:
 It is somewhat difficult to some children because,for free learning and studying,it is also an important work.we should arrange/keep books for each subject.In which we are supposed to write all the questions,answers as main points and maintain as all subjects own prepared key book.remember that,we should not write full answer and read/revise these own prepared note books once a week.

6.If you have exam fear/panic,write in a paper or a book:
Some children have the exam fear.due to this,they may cause fewer,depression or any other disease.but don't worry!If we do as following,our focus and concentration will be on studiesand exam.we can write our exam,freely and easily.because,of the exam fear,many times,we know and remember all the things,but,we forget in the exam hall while startingthe exam or reading the question paper.

7.Be seated on the front bench of the class:
scientific research proves that,the children who are sitting front of the class,they are alert,well and good in studies because,of the fear of teacher.but some children who sit on the last benches thinking"who will mind us"they are average in studeis.It is depending upon the children's mentality.

8.Take your self test:
by taking self mind test,their alertness,concentration,intention will develop or improve.prepare your own questions in a week and answer those questions in the next week and don't forget to revise for weekly "thrise" means 3 should also do the smart work which result in your permormance.

9.Take a short time break:
scientific research says that after reading/writing continuously,taking a short break results in brain memorizing more information and knowledge.because,taking a short time break,we feel relax and after some time,we feel fresh to start anything.I recomend to read/write anything in 50 minutes per hour and take 10 minutes break per hourwhich is a correct way.

10.After completing task give rewards to yourself:
do you think?we should give something as a gift only special days or events?but no,gifts are also given to yourself for improving your motivational level!is it strange right?
generally,kids love gifts/ child hood days,after completing our homework,our parents would buy a chocolate.Or after going to school sincerely/obediently,our parents would uld buy an icecream/a new toy/new book.isn't it?similar to that,we shall also supposed to do like this.which develop inner excitement and enthusiasm/focus towards studies.for example;assume to listen your favourite music/song as a reward,after completing your task in 50 minutes.

11.Eat healthy and light food;drink 8 to 10 glass of water in a day:
are you thinking surprisingly by this statement that,Is this topic is linked with the studies.but obviously YES.if you are not healthy,you can't do anything right?so,to be healthy,to make your water levels progressive,for not causing dehidration or any other diseases,It is very important.

12.Do exercise every day morning or evening and take 7 to 8 hours sleep:
to be healthy and energetic all the day,we hould need to do exercise daily which keeps our body fit,strong and also ur productivity levels progressive.and also taking sleep for 7-8 hours,will reboot our all day things/ that,we can get up early in the morning with a fresh mind which keeps all the day pleasant.

#By following these scientific ways/methods for studying and learning will makee you a topper or helps in gaining almost 90%marks/grade in exams and you can be able to be burden free and easy   studying and learning.which brings a new change in your life.don't forget to be punctual means completing any task at a given,



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